§ Glitter Tipped Feather Pens

§ Glitter Tipped Feather Pens

These beautiful glitter topped feather pens com in individual clear display boxes, which can be personalised, or for shorter names/initials (3 letters or less) the feather itself can be personalised in black or pink glittery font, making them lovely gifts.


  • Glitter Top Feather Ball Pen
  • 3 Assorted Colours:
  • Silver Pen with Light Pink feather
  • Silver Pen with Silver Feather
  • Gold Pen with Rose Gold Feather
  • Pen Ink - Black


Luxury glitter dipped feather pen. Cylinder has a Shiny Smooth finish & comes in 3 assorted glitter colours. Black ink, comes with a lid to prevent drying out.