Surprise Birthday Present Boxes

Surprise Birthday Present Boxes

These Surprise Present Boxes are the perfect gift for the person who has everything, for someone who's celebrating a lockdown birthday and you can't party with or if you want to buy somebody a totally custom gift.

 Posted straight to their door so you dont even have to sign the card!


Take the stress out of shopping, enter a few details about the giftee & leave it to me! 


There are a few little details I ask for to tailor the presents to them-


-Name/ Title (eg Nan, Auntie Mel)

-Age (if it's a guess please state)


-Clothing size (age or S<M<L<XL)

- 1 interest/hobby they have

- Gift message for the card





There are 2 options to choose from- PARTY POOPER! or PARTY ANIMAL!


Both equally as awesome as the other, just different prices and slightly different contets.


In both options the giftee will receive as standard-

Personalised Greeting Card

4 Party Blowers

4 Coloured balloons

Birthday badge



The PARTY POOPER! option will also include contents up to the value of £18


The PARTY ANIMAL! option will also include contents up to the value of £40


Contents will vary in each Present box, ranging from 2 to 5 gifts. This could be anything from a personalised mug, to an item of clothing, some edible treats, a personalised teddy to a make up bag! 


If any personalisation details are missed, I will personalise accordingly


Please enter the Name & Address of the giftee at checkout for it to be sent to them.

No receipt will be printed and sent with the item, in this case please keep your digital receipt sent in your confirmation email.


  • Returns

    There are no returns on Surprise boxes as some of the contents will be personalised, which we cannot refund. Unless there is a printing error on our behalf where a replacement/refund will be sent.

PriceFrom £12.00